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Management Overview
Laurie Thornton
Laurie Thorton
Laurie Thornton
Principal, Radiate PR

A Radiate principal and co-founder, Laurie Thornton brings 16 years of communications experience to the firm, where she has developed broad expertise in the hi-tech field, specializing in consumer technology and business-to-business solutions. Working with emerging-growth companies as well as Fortune 500 firms, Laurie has led numerous new company introductions for first-mover enterprises, spearheaded key corporate initiatives and successfully orchestrated the launch of dozens of recognizable products. Her proven skills have been applied across a variety of segments, from interactive entertainment, digital media and e-commerce, to enterprise software, semiconductors and technology for wireless consumer devices.

Laurie co-founded Radiate in 1997, where she devised a new model for PR counsel and service that continues to deliver tangible results that consistently outperform traditional agencies. The firm's client roster (past and present) includes many marquee companies in the Silicon Valley and beyond, including LinkedIn, a fast-rising Internet brand and professional networking tool funded by Sequoia Capital; PacketHop, a Mayfield and U.S.V.P.-backed wireless communications company; leading software giant Intuit; 3dfx Interactive, the first graphics accelerator line to achieve consumer brand recognition;, offering web-safe tools for children, now available via Earthlink; Paraform, acquired by Metris Corp.; CoActive Networks, a leader in residential gateways and smart-home services; Multitude, an online game pioneer, offering one of the first applications of real-time voice over-the-net; as well as Staccato Systems, acquired by Analog Devices; among others.

Earlier in her career, Laurie served as the director of communications for the interactive division of BMG Entertainment and parent corporation, Bertelsmann, Ltd., the third largest media company in the world. She also served as the public relations manager of Capcom Entertainment, where she led global publicity, branding and promotional campaigns for the company's flagship product line - Street Fighter II™. During her tenure, the series sold over 13 million units, and remains one of the most successful interactive entertainment franchises in market history. Laurie began her career on the agency side, working in a variety of positions to meet the communications needs of technology companies from start-ups to industry giants.

Additionally, Laurie is a former committee member of the Interactive Digital Software Association and worked on the task force that developed and instituted the industry's current product rating system and governing body, the Entertainment Software Ratings Board.

Laurie holds a bachelor's degree in journalism with a public relations emphasis from San Diego State University, a curriculum ranked among the nation's top three.